X3D Sensor-based Thermal Maps

for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Humidity and Temperature Monitoring:

To capture the heat transfer and relative humidity, the main component of the thermal comfort monitoring and simulation system is the data acquisition module. This module is implemented using embedded/smart wireless sensors integrated into a local wireless network. The data acquisition module has several features:

The solution for system includes a Bluetooth transceiver and an embedded control system, Arduino Uno [Arduino 2015] based on the ATmega328 microcontroller.

The system concept is based on the idea of shared memory through a shared file. The file is written by several sensors and read by a master once per second. Data is used in the color-coding scheme of the X3D temperature map. On a single Bluetooth node, the system can connect up to 7 smart sensor terminals, however the smart sensors network can be scaled on multiple levels and can include dozens of sensors based on an ID system and in accordance with the network topology. The data communication bandwidth can reach 1Mbps hence real-time data collection and processing is possible.

The sensors are light, accurate and have a short time constant. The power supply is a flat battery that can power the system for several months. The sensor system can be easily scaled to hundreds of sensors and deployed in each room of a building.

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